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Ingo W. Mueller

About Ingo Mueller

Mr. Ingo Mueller has been involved in the finance and advisory business for the past 20 years, having been involved in the financing of companies and projects in the many hundreds of millions of dollars. Although primarily involved in the structuring and financing of resource opportunities, Mr. Ingo Mueller has been instrumental in the formation and strategic management of numerous companies globally, through executive positions, directorships and advisory roles. He has either founded, partnered in and developed or advised companies in a broad cross section of sectors and industry as an entrepreneur and visionary whose primary focus has been to identify market gaps or opportunities in nascent industries or in established sectors and align them with funding, while supplementing existing management teams with well respected international advisors and board members to establish or refine the strategic objectives of the business.

With exposure and involvement in a wide cross section of industry, Mr. Ingo Mueller is able to bring a wealth of experience and broad perspective. Mr. Ingo Mueller has been involved in real estate management, sporting goods manufacturing and distribution, the technology industry, the movie and media industry, the cosmetics manufacturing and distribution industry, offshore banking, internet advertising, baby and child care products, the gaming industry, the life settlements industry, petrochemicals, oil and gas and the mining industry.

Most recently, Mr. Ingo Mueller was a founding shareholder and advisor in International Coal Company (now London Mining Colombia Limited “LMC”) before it was sold to London Mining a company he was involved in the founding of in 2009. Although initially a board member, he was also asked to act as Chairman of LMC in Q2 2010 and then assumed the position of CEO in late 2010. Mr. Ingo Mueller has had extensive experience in Colombia in both gold projects and the coal industry for the past ten years. Mr. Ingo Mueller has a BComm (major in Finance and minor in Urban Land Economics from the University of British Columbia).