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Ingo W. Mueller


Ingo Mueller has over 20 years of experience working in the finance and advisory industry. Ingo Mueller has dealt with many businesses and individuals and has been involved in the financing of companies and projects totally in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Below are a sample of references and testimonials given to Ingo Mueller.

The below references have been shortened. You can download the full reference here:

Ingo Mueller Reference

“I have known Ingo Mueller for approximately 15 years.  During this time I have both invested with Mr. Mueller in joint projects and also used his financial consulting services.

I would highly recommend Mr. Mueller as someone who does what he says and always looks out for the best interest of shareholders.

He has a solid grasp of international financing issues and brings unique strategic foresight into everything he is involved with.”

-Michael Lotz

Anthony Chan Financial Advisor

“I have personally known Ingo Mueller for more than 8 years. This Company of which I am a director had co-invested with him with respect to a copper project in South America.

I find Mr. Mueller professional, responsible and effective in his dealings and I continue to have business dealings with him.”

-Anthony WY Chan

Vertical Bridge Reference

“In all of our dealings with Mr. Mueller we have found him (and his staff) to be professional with a high level of integrity. Mr. Mueller has always ensured that any agreements he has entered into with Vertical Bridge are fair, and he has always honored all the terms and conditions contained within these agreements.”

-Sandra Reder
President & Founder